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     Illinois Traffic Safety Program This Online Course available 24/7

 Please click this link to take the Online Course

To start the  you will required to complete the course with a 70% or  higher on each module to receive a Certificate of Completion.  This course is a total of four hours and the certificate will not be available to print until the allotted  time is completed with a  passing  grade.  The online course allows the participant to print the Certificate of Completion when the course is completed. .  Additional copies of the Certificate of Completion will be mailed within 10  business days if requested in writing for a nominal fee of $7.00 per copy. Please read through the need to create a  new account.  Once you  have created your account you will receive an e-mail confirming your log in information. You will be able to log in and out at your convenience. Here’s a copy of the Online Brochure to help answer any questions you might have.

Required Information for Registration

¨ Drivers license number

¨ Ticket number

¨ County where ticket was issued

¨ Date ticket was issued

    If you have questions about the online course please contact our administrator at




Copy of Certificate
Name & Ticket #